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Nicole L'Huillier

Nicole L'Huillier (b. 1985, Santiago, Chile) works with sounds, vibrations, resonances, and multiple transductions to explore more-than-human performativity and agency from micro to cosmic scales; to create membranal and resonant (neo)rituals; and to investigate vibrations and sounds as construction materials for spaces and identity while fostering collectivity and stimulating imagination in non-static and embodied ways. From an antidisciplinary perspective, she navigates the porous and fertile territories between arts and sciences. She works with new and ancient technologies for storytelling and creation to actively engage with the possibilities beyond anthropocentric perspectives and to practice decolonial worldling. Nicole is also an experimental musician, drummer, and one-half of the space pop duo Breaking Forms. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at MIT Media Lab, Opera of the Future group, Ph.D. in Media Arts & Sciences. She also holds a Master in Media Arts & Sciences (2017) from MIT Media Lab.