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Mariangela Mihai

Mariangela Mihai is a multimodal ethnographer, transmedia storyteller, and filmmaker. Her work builds on decolonial, queer, and feminist sensory ethnography methods to understand Indigenous resistance, borderland disputes, and refugee issues on the India-Bangladesh-Myanmar-China borderlands and in "the Balkans.” Mariangela’s latest media projects include I Am A Whisper, My Dear, a collaborative ethnofiction film exploring LGBTQIA+ activism on the Southeast Asian borderlands; and, Anatomically, the heart is always incorrect, a multimedia play that uses autoethnography, poetry, animation, and digital storytelling to explore Eastern-European embodiment, politics, and heritage. Her media work has screened at international film festivals, universities, museums, and public and art institutions in Athens, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Paris, New York, Yangon, New Orleans, Los Angeles, DC, and San Jose. Mariangela is co-founder of Ethnocine Film Collective and board member of The Society for Visual Anthropology. She is an Assistant Professor in Anthropology and WGSS at Western Washington University, currently completing a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Global Media & Film at Georgetown.